At Eden Landscapes we offer a
highly comprehensive range of services to suit all needs whether commercial or domestic.

All sourced fencing materials are of a high standard. Timber is all tanalised (Brown or Green) and will be protected for approx. 12 months before further applications will be needed. Posts are concreted and left overnight to cure before any other movement takes place.

Lawn preparation is always thorough. The old lawn removed and the earth below rotovated. This is where any debris or root systems will be removed from the loose soil. At this point additives may be applied to the soil before laying commences. We mostly use Rowland Medallion Turf for our lawns. Medallion is a weed free cultivated turf made up of a variety of strong, hardy grasses. If maintained correctly you will always have a healthy, vigorous lawn. In the first 4 weeks after your lawn is laid, regular watering will be needed to ensure your new lawn establishes quickly.
We also ask you not to walk on the lawn in this period. The lawn needs time to root in and firm the soil below so that divots are not created by footsteps.

Planting Schemes
All plants used by Eden Landscapes are sourced from reputable nurseries. A planting scheme can be fully created by Eden Landscapes or have a mixed input, or on a rare occasion be created fully by yourself. Before any planting takes place a soil sample will be analysed and your soil will be appropriately prepared for the planned planting scheme. Specific after care will be discussed before and after any planting takes place.

All timber used for decking projects is pressure treated and comes with manufacturers guarantee. There are many variations in the design and look of a decking project and you can easily obtain that unique finish.

Garden Buildings/Structures
A garden structure can breathe life into your garden in an instant. Giving extra height where needed or providing shelter from the elements. A nice shaded area for those rare sunny days, or simply somewhere to store things. At Eden Landscapes we construct a variety of garden structures working to a range of budgets large or small. Sheds, Greenhouses, Raised Beds, Gazeboes, Pergola’s, Arbours and bin stores are just some of the products we offer.
All products are sourced from reputable suppliers and come with
a manufacturer guarantee.

Ponds & Water Features
The sound of water in a garden is something special, it provides a feel of tranquillity and heightens your relaxation. A water feature can come in a huge variety of designs ranging from a pond to a simple fountain.

At Eden Landscapes our patios are constructed quality, care and to the highest standard. We will usually dig down six inches, allowing 3.5" compacted hardcore, 1.5" concrete and 1" allowed for stone. We always recommend a natural stone for your patio. Joints are cemented ensuring you do not get weed growth from below. After your patio is laid and cured a sealant can be applied, enhancing and protecting your patio from staining. A lot of our natural stone is ethically sourced through the Fair Trade programme.

Block Paving & Driveways
When Eden landscapes construct a block drive we follow British Standards Guidelines to ensure you don’t end up with a drive that sinks. The entire area will be excavated approx 12” deep. An 8” layer of compacted hardcore, 1.5” compacted sharp sand and finally British Standard 60mm Blocks. The blocks come in a huge variety of designs to suit any taste and budget.

Tidy Ups
At Eden Landscapes we offer one off garden Tidy Ups.
When your garden has become too much for you we can give a comprehensive Tidy Up, attempting to retrieve the garden back to its full beauty. We are happy to give advice for future maintenance.

Artifitial Grass
Artifitial lawns can solve a multitude of problems and enhance your garden at the same time. When installed correctly artifitial grass, being 99% maintainance free can make your garden a more enjoyable place to be with, muddy puddles in the winter and scorched brown patches in the summer a thing of the past. We install a number of different grades of artifitial grass, all of which are UV stabalised to prevent fading in the sun.

We offer a full maintenance service (Commercial Only), where regular visits can be made either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Eden Landscapes will mow lawns, strim, trim hedges, weed borders and pick up litter making sure the property is impeccably maintained and looking its very best for your staff and clients. Eden Landscapes understand the impact that first impressions can have on prospective clientele visiting your business. Not to mention statistics also show a tidy outside area is extremely beneficial to staff members improving moral and most of all production.
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